Sunday, October 25, 2009

What do you see?

Going to coffee with a new stranger seems like a exciting, new idea.

But within the first ten minutes, of sitting down with my english breakfast tea

he states, "You're Odd!"


How should I take this?


As a compliment?


Really, the remark left me curious and a tad awkward.

And then...

when I dwelled on it further

I realised I am maybe not like th rest of the world.

When I look around, at whats around me

Not only is my vision similar to that of a dirty, sepia-tonned, scratched polyroid photo...


...but my way of speaking, feeling and thinking clearly comes across to the world as "abornormal"

it was at the moment that I realised I must embrace my "oddness" and so here I am...

blogging what I see, the way I see it...

(Please don't be too worried!)

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